By Wayne G. Sayles

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His motivation was apparently an act of appeasement to the Monophysites, who extolled the divine rather than human nature of Christ; to the Manicheans, who considered all material possessions (including religious art) evil; and to the ever growing population of Muslims, whose teachings rejected any representation of the human form. All of these factions were strong forces in the East. What he did not fully appreciate was the tremendous affection with which the people of Constantinople, and European provinces, held Theophilus, AD 829-842, AR miliarense inscribed Basileus Romaion 26 their religious icons.

Coins formerly published as Classes L and M are not actually coins from the empire at Constan­ tinople, but from the independent empire at Trebizond. These are from a series including at least 1 2 such anonymous coins-see Ben­ dall in the bibliography below. The coins formerly published as Class N are not actually anony­ mous, and have been reattributed to Nicephorus Basilacius (see Gal­ lery of Emperors and Empresses) . Bibliography - Class K Class L Class M Anonymous FolIes Bellinger, Alfred.

The metrology of }ustinian's follis", Num. Chron", 1960, pp. 209-219. N. Justinian and his Age, Penguin Books, 1951 . 5) MINTS Rome Theoupolis Ravenna Alexandria Constantinople Carthage Thessalonica Nicomedia Also, several uncertain mints Cyzicus Like Justin I, Justinian chose his nephew as successor. Justin II was destined to serve as the consolidator of a shrinking empire, beset with problems on all fronts due to the ambitious expansion promoted by his uncle. If history has not unjustly maligned this emperor, he also was afflicted with serious emotional or psychiatric problems.

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