By Jeannine Beaulieu

Caillou and Clementine are on the park. Clementine desires to move at the vast children' slide yet Caillou nonetheless is going at the sons and daughters' slide. as soon as on the most sensible, Caillou can't stream for worry. Daddy involves is helping Caillou get used to the massive young children’ slide.

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If only Mo had been there! She’d have told that guy a thing or two. She wished she could water the plum tree again. Its leaves were droopy, the unripe plums falling plunk plunk in the dry grass. But how could the daughter of a water department employee violate the ban? Would that qualify as a necessary evil? Sipping warm, syrupy Tahitian Treat, which somehow only made them thirstier, she and Mercedes languished in the Den, watching Dottie fasten a piece of string to a broken branch with approximately a hundred knots.

Vanished in the night, skipping out on their rent. Poof! As if they’d never existed. That was how fast a life could change. The blink of an eye. The turn of a head. Change could come barreling down on you, out of nowhere, without warning, humongous and stupid and unstoppable. While you were just stepping off the curb of a street called Paradise, humming maybe, thinking about your daughter waiting for you back home, beneath the plum tree. Thinking ice cream. Thinking strawberry, your daughter’s favorite?

When he owned his own place, breakfast would be on the menu all day long. Afterward he and Mo went out into the backyard to throw the ball around. But the yard was small, and the plum tree got in the way, and though she wanted to keep his spirits up, Mo found playing catch boring. She wasn’t sorry when he said he thought he’d join a pickup game over by the middle school, and that Mo and Dottie should meet him at the Tortilla Feliz, up on Paradise, later. They’d get a table out back and order their favorite, the Burro Burrito.

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Caillou And The Big Slide by Jeannine Beaulieu

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