By Dan Gutman

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ISBN-13: 9780061778339

Never sooner than has university been this combined up—or this a lot fun!

Could Mrs Roopy, the hot librarian, be A.J.'s craziest instructor but? while the category indicates up they locate her dressed first as George Washington after which Little leave out Muffet. And Mrs Roopy will not even admit that it is her! Can A.J. and his type aid their very bothered librarian earlier than she does whatever particularly crazy?

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Yeah, me too,” said Michael and Ryan. We told Mrs. Roopy that, every day after school, me and Michael and Ryan ride our bikes together. I learned how to ride a two-wheeler in kindergarten. Now I can do a bunny hop off a bump, and I know the names of all the famous trick bike riders. I have posters of them all over the walls of my room. ,” Mrs. Roopy said. ” 30 “Who is your hero, Mrs. ” Andrea asked. ” I asked. “Melvil Dewey was a very famous librarian,” Mrs. Roopy said, and her eyes got all bright and sparkly and excited.

If they are the same fingerprints, then that will be proof that Mrs. ” Me and Ryan agreed that Michael was a genius. The next time we had library, we brought a juice box with us, so we could get Mrs. Roopy’s fingerprints. But when we came into the library, all the lights were out and the shades were down. It was really dark. At first we thought the library was closed. Then we heard a noise. It came from the top of the tree house. We all looked up. Somebody was coming down the 45 ladder. Whoever it was had on a spacesuit and was moving in slow motion.

It was cool. I had to admit that George Washington would never have a heartshaped tattoo over his belly button. So maybe that army guy with the 27 wig wasn’t Mrs. Roopy after all. “Let me show you around the library,” Mrs. Roopy said. “Did you know that books can take you to places you have never been before? They help us explore our world. We have books here on just about every subject you can think of. This is the fiction section. ” “Nonfiction books are books that are not fiction,” Ryan said.

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