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One of the smallest nations in Europe, Norway has created for itself a place on this planet neighborhood, that's thoroughly out of percentage to the dimensions of its inhabitants. initially the house of sub-Arctic hunters and gatherers, then of ferocious Vikings, it misplaced possibly 1/2 its inhabitants to the Black demise in 1349, ended up in a union with Denmark that lasted until eventually 1814, after which grew to become united with Sweden, gaining whole independence simply as lately as 1905. Over the centuries the Norwegians eked out a meager dwelling from stony fields and treacherous seas whereas anguish via starvation, darkness, and chilly, besides the fact that, its fresh efficient use of such typical assets as hydroelectric strength, ordinary gasoline, and oil has made the Norwegians a few of the richest humans within the world.

The A to Z of Norway provides a wealth of knowledge that illuminates Norway's extraordinary historical past, society, and tradition. this can be performed via a chronology, a bibliography, an...

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The Norwegian Labor Party joins the Communist International (Comintern). Norway joins the League of Nations. 1921 22 June: Otto Albert Blehr’s second government is formed. Norway’s Social-Democratic Labor Party is formed. 1923 6 March: Otto Bahr Halvorsen’s second government is formed. 30 May: Abraham Berge’s government is formed. The Norwegian Communist Party is formed. The prohibition against the sale of strong wine is rescinded. 1924 25 July: Johan Ludwig Mowinckel’s first government is formed.

As the Viking Period was drawing to a close, a Norwegian king was also the king of Denmark and had a legitimate claim on England. When Magnus died in 1047, his half-uncle, Harald Sigurdsson Hardrada, was poised to collect on that claim and died in 1066 in the battle at Stamford Bridge in England while trying to do so. His grandson, Magnus Olafsson, expanded his dominion to the Hebrides and the Isle of Man but was killed at a battle in Ulster on 24 August 1103. Sigurd, the second son of Magnus, left on a crusade in 1108, visiting the city of Jerusalem and bathing in the River Jordan in 1110.

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