By Murnaghan F.D.

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Comprises separate yet heavily similar components. initially released in 1966, the 1st part offers with components of integration and has been up to date and corrected. The latter part information the most strategies of Lebesgue degree and makes use of the summary degree house method of the Lebesgue crucial since it moves without delay on the most crucial results—the convergence theorems.

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During this publication, Dr. Smithies analyzes the method in which Cauchy created the fundamental constitution of advanced research, describing first the eighteenth century heritage prior to continuing to envision the levels of Cauchy's personal paintings, culminating within the facts of the residue theorem and his paintings on expansions in strength sequence.

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The double of a dJak ill a sphere, and~ double of an annulus is a torus. §3. COVERING SURFACES The reader ia familiar with the crude notion of Riemann aurfaoes which in classical function theory. For the description of mob surfaces a pictorial language is used which in spite of ita di~c value does not belong in a mathematical treatment. The notion in question is purely topological, and in this section we are concerned with its a:Domatization under the name of covering surface. A covering surface is smooth if it has no branch points, and a smooth covering surface will be called regular if it lm!!

Ohaina into 0. (K). ). :)- I 21M where in general the right hand Bide needs to be :rewritten in ite simplest fonn. e. that identified chains have identified boundaries. For n;:a2 the verification is immediate, and these are the only climeosiona that ooour in this book. One finds by explicit computation that aas• .. 0 for every 'limplex. hole group Oa(K) into the zero element of Oa-a(K). JSD. A chain is called a cgcle if its boundary is zero. The n-climeDBional cycles form a subgroup Za(K} of Oa(K), and Za(K) is the kernel of the 60 I.

It ia often desirable to imbed a bordered surface in a surface. In this respect we prove: Theorem. Bvery borderetliiUrJaa 1' ccm be regularly imbetltkd in a IIUrJaa. If 1' u compad, it CXJn be regularly imbetltkd in a cloBed ~~Urjaa. We construct a standard imbedding which will find important use, especially in the theory of Riemann surfaces. , aml con11ider a. topological mapping fl' ofF onto Ft. In the sum F+F 1 we identify each p e B(F) with its image fl'(p), and topologize as in 2F. The resulting space ia denoted by 1'.

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