By J. D. Bury, S. A. Cook, F. E. Adcock

ISBN-10: 0521044863

ISBN-13: 9780521044868

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Very fine pots such as terra sigillata (Samian ware) are made in molds. Immense quantities of Samian ware are made and exported to every corner of the empire. Terra sigillata is usually a glossy red, made from a clay so fine that it needs no glaze to give the finished pot a shiny surface. Pots usually have raised decorations of fine detail, thanks to the mold system. The red color is obtained by firing in the oxygen-rich atmosphere of a kiln. By closing the kiln’s vents toward the end of the firing process, the reducing (oxygen-starved) atmosphere turns the pot a deep black, similar to the process used by the Greeks in black- and red-figure ware.

And in Rome the law and politics are almost one and the same thing. However, nothing is easily achieved without first showing a degree of typically Roman prowess in the army. Before starting on a political career, young men are expected to have spent at least ten years in the army, first as a military tribune or junior officer and then possibly as adjutant to a The senior magistrates The two consuls are the most senior officials. They manage the affairs of the Senate and the army. After their year in office they become proconsuls (governors) in the provinces.

On a dies endotercisus legal matters take place in the morning and voting in the afternoon. On a dies nefastus neither voting nor legal matters are allowed. Market days (dies nundinae) occur every seven days, whatever its type unless it is 40 Sundials are simple to build, but suffer if the day is cloudy. Kalends, Matronalia* dies religiosus 17 Agonalia dies religiosus 2 dies fastus 18 dies comitalis 3 dies comitalis 19 Quinquatria dies religiosus 4 dies comitalis 20 Quinquatria dies comitalis 5 dies comitalis 21 Quinquatria dies comitalis 6 dies comitalis 22 Quinquatria dies nefastus dies fastus 23 Tubilustrium* dies religiosus 8 dies fastus 24 dies fastus 9 dies comitalis 25 dies comitalis 10 dies comitalis 26 dies comitalis 11 dies comitalis 27 dies comitalis 12 dies comitalis 28 dies comitalis 13 endotercisus 29 dies comitalis 14 Equirria* dies religiosus 30 dies comitalis 15 Ides, Anna Perenna* dies religiosus 31 Luna dies comitalis 16 Agonalia* * (see pages 80–81 for these festivals) 7 Nones dies fastus CHAPTER 2: A WORKING LIFE Above: A candle with carefully calibrated marks is an expensive and uncertain way of telling time.

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The Cambridge Ancient History: Volume 4, The Persian Empire and the West (1st ed.) by J. D. Bury, S. A. Cook, F. E. Adcock

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