SCI Axel Club

The SCI Axel Club is a program designed to encourage our skaters and push

them to the next level. The requirements for a skater to obtain entrance into the axel club are to execute three clean consecutive single axels or two clean consecutive double axels as witnessed by their private instructor. Each skater will be recognized by receiving a certificate, a t-shirt, and the posting of their picture on our “Axellent” Wall Of Fame!

Axel Club Members

Ashley and Tara Smith
Bella Grignon
Bernice DeGraw
Carrigan Benoit
Cheryl Smith
Chiara Prospero
Holly Hutchens
Jessamy Ichinose
Samantha Bell
Saskia Oudejans
Megan Nguyen
Olivia Day
Madi Warren
Eva Keenan
Brooklyn Wilson
Jane Kogan
Natalie Norcross

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