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Adult Hockey


SCI Adult Hockey League Information


Space Coast Adult Hockey League has established itself as the premier adult, non-check league in Brevard County. We have 3 seasons that run throughout the year and offer 4 divisions for many levels of play from novice to advance.

Our Adult Hockey Director, James is renowned for running organized recreational and advanced hockey programs. His experience managing hockey leagues gives Space Coast Iceplex the edge over the competition. He has built a fantastic rapport with his Players and Captains. He’s super approachable and always has time for the players. Don’t wait; contact him to get on a team today!!


*All players must be 18 years or older with valid ID 

*All players must have a valid USA Hockey  

 Registration on record before game play. 

*Register online:


Reasons to Choose the Space Coast Iceplex League 

  • $100 OFF additional League(s)
  • Great Fun and Team Comradery
  • Divisions for all levels
  • Low penalty minutes

  • Games are 3-20minute run time periods
  • Point Streak software
  • Playoff Championships

Close of Registration August 16th, 2015

Registration closes August 16th after which placement will be done on a case by case basis. To ensure yourself a spot on a team be sure to sign up and pay before the deadline. Paid players take priority.


Captains' Meetings


There will be 2 mandatory Captains' meetings (for Captains only) held at SCI on August 17th and August 24th, times are TBD. The meetings are to determine final rosters so all teams are competitive while allowing friends the chance to play together. Captains-Paid players take priority over players submitted on your roster who have not paid.

Of course beer and pizza will be served.


League Level Descriptions


Platinum Division (Advanced): Highest level of competitive Adult Hockey offered. It’s made up of experienced players who played hockey in their youth and in some cases College and even semi pro. There are 3 teams in this division.


Gold (Intermediate): Is a high level of play. Most players have a minimum of 5 years of experience and many played in their youth. There are 6 teams in this division.


Silver Division (Novice): For the hockey enthusiast who has always wanted to play, but wondered how to start. Now is your chance because the Silver League is lightly competitive and a whole lot of fun! There are 5 teams in this division.


Tuesday: 40+ (All Levels): Must be 40 years of age or older.Ranges in levels of ability, but remains fairly competitive. If you want an opportunity to play with people who have similar views and testosterone levels, this is the league for you! There are 4 teams in this division.


Fall 2015 Season’s Schedules and Cost


Monday: Silver Division (Novice)

Online Registration is Open

Start Date: September 7th

Game Start Times: 8:25pm and 9:50pm

17 week season, 5 teams in division

Cost: Paid in full $320

3 Payment option (totaling $350):  Due at registration

                                                       October 15th (Auto credit card charge)

                                                       November 15th (Auto credit card charge)


Tuesday: 40+ (All Levels)

Online Registration is Open

Start Date: September 1st

Game Start Times: 8:15pm and 9:45pm

17 week season, 5 teams in division

Cost: Paid in full $320

3 Payment Option (totaling $350):  Due at registration

                                                        October 15th (Auto credit card charge)

                                                        November 15th (Auto credit card charge)

Thursdays: Platinum Division (Advanced)

Online Registration is Open

Start Date: September 3rd

Game Start Times: 8:15pm and 9:45pm

16 week season, 4 teams in division

Cost: Paid in full $360

3 Payment Option (totaling $390): $152.10 Due at registration

                                                       $132.60 October 15th (Auto credit card charge)

                                                       $105.30 November 15th  (Auto credit card charge)


Friday: Gold (Intermediate)

Online Registration is Open

Start Date: September 4th 

Game Start Times: 8:15pm, 9:45pm and 11:15pm

16 week season, 6 teams in division

Cost: Paid in full $360

3 Payment Option (totaling $390): $152.10 Due at registration

                                                       $132.60 October 15th (Auto credit card charge)

                                                       $105.30 November 15th (Auto credit card charge)


Playoffs: are held on the last 2 games of the season.


$30 per game (4 substitutions per player per season) Substitutes are not eligible for playoffs. Payment and sign up must be done in person at the reception desk. Team placement reserved for SC Iceplex.

Summer 2015 League Champs 

Platinum League 

The Platinum League Championship game was a fast paced game with the Spinnazola team taking the win 6-3 over SCI Select. It was a great game and everyone was able to enjoy a nice cold beer after the game. Great job everyone!! 


Gold League 

The Gold League Champs Sandbar came out with a strong 9-3 win over Executive Homes this past week in the Summer Championship game. The teams were so strong all the players in the division stayed to watch the exciting game unfold.   


Silver League 

The Silver League Champs Cigar Strings inched out Honda in a close 4-3 championship game this past week. Congrats Guys! 


40+ League 

The 40+ League championship game was a close 3-1 game with Pure Fitness coming out ahead of Old Bug Dave. It was an exciting game from start to finish!   

Practice Your Skills


Space Coast Iceplex offers activities to help enhance your hockey skills and get in some practice time. Consider the following: 

  • Stick-Time:This is your opportunity to skate on the ice in full gear, shoot on a goalie and practice your puck-handling skills. Open to all levels of players. Sessions dates and times may vary. Please visit our website for updates. 

  • Pick-Up Hockey: We offer Open, 40+ and Silver/Gold Pick Ups weekly. Check our website for schedules and online sign ups. Goalies scheduled by Space Coast Iceplex staff.


 Special thanks to the Space Coast Iceplex Adult Hockey Sponsors: